Foodiamo is the Italian Guide to Italian Food

Foodiamo is the comprehensive A to Z guide to Italian food created and written by Italians for all Italian food lovers.

Foodiamo is managed by Raffaele Asquer, who founded it in 2015, and Roberto Croci. Since we were born and raised in Italy, we obviously love Italian food, know where to find the good stuff, and can’t wait to share our passion with the rest of the world. Together with our correspondents, we review restaurants, do taste tests, interview chefs, cover food & wine events…. And eat pasta. Lots of it.

Through our online magazine,, and our social media (Facebook and Instagram), we provide the most comprehensive guide to Italian food in Los Angeles and beyond—an essential resource to find your next favorite restaurant.

If you follow us, you will know where to find the best pasta dishes and you will stay up-to-date on the top new Italian restaurants. You will meet the chefs of our favorite Italian restaurantss and learn their secrets. You will even learn where Hollywood celebrities go eat their favorite tiramisu, or what kind of pasta they like to cook at home. And here are some great restaurant deals in Los Angeles.

Our Foodiamo List includes listings of the best Italian restaurants and Italian food and wine events. All the vendors we feature on the Foodiamo List are selected and vetted by our editorial team. No person or company can pay to be listed.

Think of Foodiamo as your local Italian friend, who’s just discovered this great place and can’t wait to tell you …

Why Foodiamo? Well, “food” is food, and “-iamo” is the first-person plural suffix in Italian verbs, as in “mangiamo” (we eat) or “andiamo” (we go). We believe that food is best enjoyed together and we want to share our favorite foods with you, so… Foodiamo.

We know you are probably looking forward to your next trip to Italy. Until then, we will bring the world of Italian food to you. Enjoy and buon appetito!

Foodiamo Team – Masthead

Raffaele Asquer: Founder and Managing Member

Roberto Croci: Managing Member and Editor-in-Chief

Roberta Valent: Video Editor

Serena Boschi: Italy Corresponding Editor

Adriano Piazza: Food & Wine Writer

Cinzia Giorgi: Food Writer

Annalisa Rinetti: Food Writer

Elsa Valent-Croci: Food Writer

Laurie Berger: Food Writer

  1. Glad to discover your website thanks to an article in L’Italo-Americano.
    I would like to help you add more authentic Italian Pizzerias.
    Enjoy-Eat, Culver City
    Settebello, Marina del Rey
    Prova Pizzeria, West Hollywood
    Olio, Downtown, etc.

    Please send me a message with your email and I will forward more info.

    Elisa Leonelli, journalist
    310-559 1761

  2. tony rubino

    where can you buy sugar free panettone

  3. Mike Tuccillo

    I think this website is already useful and will eventually become an invaluable resource for those seeking the legit Italian experience. So let me say great work to all of you.

    As a 1st gen Italian American NYC transplant – LA was tough at first… Italian culture isn’t as prevelant/centralized.

    I have yet to find a good sfogliatelle

    • Thank you so much Mike! Grazie 🙂
      That means a lot to us
      We’ll keep an eye on your favorite sfogliatelle and see what we can find

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