The Vino Vino Situation presents Rotari Brut, a sparkling wine from Trentino

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I really like Champagne method sparkling wines. They are probably my favorite type. This week, I want to recommend a good one, Rotari Brut, at a very affordable price!

A word about this type of wine: With the Champagne/Classical method the second fermentation happens directly in the bottle, and not in a big tank like with the Charmat method (used for the popular Italian spumante, Prosecco). By the way, the famous Champagne produced in France is made with the Champagne/Classical method and it comes from the French region called… Champagne!

Now let’s talk about this Rotari Brut. Rotari is part of Mezzocorona group, a really big enterprise in wine, but Rotari is a separate unit specialized in the production of Spumante. It’s a wonderful example of big company (2,500,000 bottles every year) at the leading edge thanks to modern and innovative techniques, resulting in the production of high quality wine!

So we must dispel that myth that affirms that big enterprise equals bad wine. The strenght of Rotari is its big size, which makes it possible to produce good wine at a good price!

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After 24 months of maturation on lees, the Rotari Brut wine shows a pale straw yellow color, and with a little bit of training you will be able to smell a hint of butter and breadcrumbs, typical of this kind of maturation. In the mouth this wine is elegant with sophisticated bubbles.

I remind to you that the inscription “Brut” indicates the quantity of sugar in the wine. In this case it’s  <12 g/l of sugar, and that makes it a dry wine! And “Trento DOC” is the appellation used to indicate the place of production. For this wine it’s the area of Trento, a city in the region of Trentino.

Rotari Brut is perfect for aperitivo, or to pair with an Italian risotto. The 24-month maturation on lees makes it a “basic” spumante, so you shouldn’t pair it with rich dishes.

Enjoy you wine!

Producer: Rotari
Name: Spumante Brut Trento DOC
Region: Trentino
Type: Sparkling white wine (Classical method)
Price: About $13
Grapes: Chardonnay

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