"Real Italians, Real Pizza" reviews the pizza at Terroni Beverly, West Hollywood

“Real Italians, Real Pizza” tests out the pizza at Terroni Beverly, in West Hollywood, California. This is one of the two LA locations of Terroni, a small restaurant chain based in Toronto.

In Italian, “terroni” means “from the south”, and it has a strongly negative connotation—so don’t use it next time you meet someone from Sicily or Calabria! Indeed, Terroni is known for its attachment to Southern Italian cuisine and traditions. You can find Southern specialties like cavatelli alla Norma with fried eggplant, arancini, and, of course, pizza. 

So how is their pizza at Terroni Beverly? Watch the video to find out. 


Terroni Beverly, West Hollywood
7605 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 954-0300