What if one of Naples' best pizza chefs came to LA? Watch Attilio Bachetti making his famous pizzas at De Sano Pizza Bakery in East Hollywood

At Pizzeria “Da Attilio” in Naples, Italy, Attilio Bachetti became famous for making star-shaped pizzas with ricotta-stuffed points. Sounds like Neapolitan-style pizza on steroids, doesn’t it?

Luckily, we didn’t have to travel all the way to Naples to see what the fuss is all about. Over the last weekend, DeSano Pizza Bakery hosted the pizza maestro and his creations.

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Attilio Bachetti at DeSano: Here’s what you missed out

Bachetti, a third-generation pizzaiolo, took over one of the FOUR wood-burning ovens of the East Hollywood pizzeria. Working side by side with the DeSano staff, he showcased some of the pizzas that made him famous. Check this out:

  • Pizza “Carnevale” (star-shaped margherita with sausage and ricotta-filled crust)
  • Pizza “Raggio di Sole” (lemon segments, mozzarella, avocado, shrimp)
  • Pizza “Cannolo” (ricotta, mozzarella, sausage, porcini mushrooms)
  • Pizza “Los Angeles” (Buffalo mozzarella, zucchini blossoms, yellow cherry tomatoes, lardo, pistachios)

It’s not the first time that a renowned Neapolitan pizza chef visits Los Angeles. Last year, Nancy Silverton hosted Franco Pepe from the critically-acclaimed pizzeria Pepe in Grani, at Chi Spacca for a two-day pizza event.

Eager to share his passion, Bachetti also taught a two-hour pizza-making class to those who were lucky and fast enough to get a spot. It was a pretty intimate affair, as you can see from the pictures.

The aspiring pizzaioli (or just pizza fanatics) tried their hand at stretching the dough, learning a few tricks about making pizza at home along the way.

Sadly, the pop-up lasted only two days. You can still catch Attilio Bachetti and his creations next weekend at Sotto, but then it will be arrivederci.

The good news is that the pizzas at DeSano are already pretty good. Not to mention the other pizzerias that we at Foodiamo review and select for you. So you can postpone that trip to Naples, at least for now…


Thanks to The Unemployed Eater for the heads-up. Cover photo: Scatti di Gusto