You know Jon Hamm from 'Mad Men' and, more recently, 'Baby Driver'. But what's his favorite Italian restaurant? And what does he cook at home?

In the Food Talks series, we interview celebrities on their favorite Italian restaurants, wines, recipes… Because Hollywood people love Italian food just like anyone else!

He is a men’s style icon, a very famous actor—he was the dapper Don Draper in Mad Men for seven seasons—and he loves to cook. As was say in Italian, La classe non è acqua, that is, “class is not water.” Jon Hamm is handsome, cerebral, and sophisticated, but more importantly he loves Italian food.

We met him in Atlanta on the set of his last movie, Baby Driver. I am telling you, one of the best movies of this summer, an ode to car chase action movies in the style of the 80s, beautifully synchronized with the soundtrack. In the cast also Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Jon Bernthal, Eiza González, Lily James and Kevin Spacey.

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Talking (Italian) Food with Jon Hamm

1. My favorite italian food. I love pasta with rich creamy sauces. My fav is penne with tomato vodka sauce, the one I make is deliziosa!

2. The best cities in Italy. I went to Capri, Ravello and Positano, which are all amazing. The seafood is great. I also like Tuscany and their fiorentina steak, a must-to-eat during an Italian vacation. Sicily has the best lemons and the very famous pasta alla Norma, their round and purple eggplant are simply the best! (cooked with Tina Turner in the background!).

3. Italian restaurants I like. I live in Los Angeles where I find a lot of good italian restaurants. I go to Madeo (risotto is a fav), Giorgio Baldi (ravioli), Pizzeria Mozza for the fancy pizzas, but if I have to follow your advice… will try Prova in West Hollywood and Desano if they are really good. Is it true? [Yes, it is Jon!]

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4. Must do for a good meal. Shop everyday, you never know, maybe you can bump into a surprise. I prefer the European style of shopping for groceries, where people buy fresh and locally-sourced ingredients for the day, or maybe the next couple of days.

5. My best and my worst. I cannot bake, but I can grill anything. I’m very good when I can express my creativity, I can sautée or glaze sweet and savory food. ANYTHING!

6. What’s in my fridge right now. Apples, berries, avocado, peaches, yogurt, cheddar cheese, orange juice, many cans of ginger beer (which I love), and a pot roast that my neighbor made for me. Haven’t tried it yet!

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