Did you miss the 2016 LA Wine Fest? Here's your chance to catch up

Hollywood is all about entertainment, and what’s better than good wine to entertain your guests? In this spirit, the LA Wine Fest returned to Hollywood on June 25-26, 2016. Despite the heat, hundreds of LA people gathered to enjoy some of the best wines and beers that California has to offer.

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As usually the case at these events, it would be impossible to comprehensively talk about all the wineries and breweries, the food trucks, and the lifestyle exhibitors present at the event. Rather, let me try and describe the LA Wine Fest experience as a whole.

LA Wine Fest 2016

Highlights from the 2016 LA Wine Fest

The atmosphere was electric as the jazz band started playing and the first bottles of sparkling wine were opened.

For those afraid of drinking on an empty stomach, the LA Wine Fest offered plenty of food options. The food trucks on one side of venue were preparing some delicious food, from sushi to burgers to icecream–a required stop before starting to sample the vast selection of beverages on offer.

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LA Wine Fest 2016

After a couple of hours spent in the sun, the “hidden” and, more importantly, covered garden looked like a mirage. Inside, many more exhibitors would pour their wines in a glass, instead of the plastic cup given at the entrance. If you are going to get tipsy, better do it in style, right?

From what I could see, everyone was enjoying the festival (I know, probably it’s because of the wine!). It was great to discover some new wine and beer producers and casually stroll through the food stands.  All while the upbeat music in the background kept the crowd entertained.

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With its happy and relaxed atmosphere, LA Wine Fest is a great event to attend with friends, partners, and family alike. In fact, we cannot wait for the festival to come back next year.

LA Wine Fest 2016

Last but not least, a shout out to “The Sunshine Kids”, a non-profit organization that, between a glass of wine and a beer, raised funds for children with cancer. These guys remind us that, even though unfortunately not everybody can spend their weekend having fun with friends, we can all do our part to change someone else’s life.


Photos by the author. All rights reserved. For complete photo coverage, visit Foodiamo Facebook page. Special thanks to the LA Wine Fest organizers.


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