Three ingredients, endless variations, one good cause. Get ready for Negroni Week 2017!

Campari, gin and vermouth: the three ingredients of the Negroni, the most iconic Italian cocktail of them all. June 5, 2017 will mark the starting of Negroni Week 2017, which will go on worldwide until June 11Here in Southern California, now that summer has finally started, we cannot wait to grab an ice-cold one!

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Presented by the historic Italian brand Campari and Imbibe Magazine, the Negroni Week is a celebration of a great cocktail, and at the same time a way to raise money for charity.

Bars and restaurants will mix all the variations of this cocktail, giving everyone a chance to taste it, while at the same time donating money to multiples charities. From 2013 to 2016, the Negroni Week has raised nearly $900,000 for charitable causes. Again, another occasion in which food & drinks can help others while giving joy.

Negroni Week 2017 at Bar Toscana

Last year’s Negroni Week at Bar Toscana, Brentwood

Negroni Week 101: Have the Basics Covered

The Negroni is simple in its ingredients, but is one of the most aromatic drinks you can get. Born in Florence in 1920, when its creator, Camillo Negroni, returned from a trip to London. Mr. Negroni had the intuition of replacing seltz with gin in his Americano.Thus, he created what today is one of the most famous cocktails in the world. Impossible to be mistaken, with its warm color, the twist of lemon and of course garnished with a slice of orange on top.

As every other famous cocktail, the Negroni has a myriad of variations. Personally, I cannot resist the Negroni Sbagliato, literally Negroni “gone wrong”, in which gin is substituted with Prosecco (the classic sparkling wine from Italy). This version is perfect for those who find the original one a bit too strong, or simply love some bubbles in their glass.

Other versions to try are the Old Pal, where the gin is substituted with whisky and the vermouth is dry. Finally, those who want a lighter and easier version of the cocktail may consider the Negroski. In this cocktail, vodka takes the place of gin, making it rounder without the strong anise flavor and bitterness of gin.

Where to Celebrate Negroni Week 2017 in Los Angeles

The 2017 Negroni Week will take place in more than 3,500 participating venues around the world. Hong Kong? Check. Buenos Aires, Argentina? You got it. A bar in Sochi, Russia is going to participate too (and no, they’re not putting vodka in their Negroni). The list goes on and on.

Here in Los Angeles, do not miss the chance to get a Negroni—or one of its many variations—in one of the participating bars. Some of my personal recommendations:

And while you’re at it, why don’t you stay over for dinner? Some great Italian and Italian-inspired restaurants around town are participating too. It could be the perfect excuse to grab a second Negroni… A few places for you to check out:

For the occasion, many other bars and restaurant are going to mix brand new variations of the Negroni. Some are even preparing special dishes to pair with your cocktail. To find out all the participating bars and restaurants, just visit Enjoy an entire week of great fun and cocktails, and remember, you are doing it for charity!


Cover photo by Franzoconde (Flickr), under CC license. 


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