For Taste of Italy Los Angeles, Downtown LA turned into an Italian food heaven. Buon appetito!

Where can you get your pasta tossed in a parmesan wheel, enjoy fresh burrata from a local dairy farm, taste as many Italian wines as you can think of, and end your meal with gelato?

Other than some place in Italy, I mean…

The answer is, once again, the Taste of Italy Los Angeles festival in Downtown LA. Organized by the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Taste of Italy has been treating Italian food lovers in the LA area with great food and fun times for six years in a row.

The 2015 edition of Taste of Italy Los Angeles hosted some of the region’s finest Italian and Italian American restaurants, including Valentino, Drago Centro, Il Fornaio, Locanda del Lago, and La Bruschetta.

Among the highlights of the night, Drago Centro presented its signature garganelli with pork sausage, fennel seeds, and parmigiano reggiano. Let’s be clear. They don’t just grate parmigiano on your pasta–anyone can do that–they toss the garganelli in a parmesan wheel, so that they soak up all the cheesy goodness before ending up in your bowl. Check this video to see how:

Pizza lovers were not disappointed either, because the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association brought their wood-fire oven to the festival. Based in Naples, this organization preserves and promotes the original recipe and cooking technique of Neapolitan-style pizza around the world. What is special about Neapolitan pizza? Find out here.

If at all possible, you should go to Naples and try as many pizzerias as you can. But until you book your next flight to Italy, the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association makes sure that the slice you’re eating in LA, San Francisco, or London is as close as possible to the original. No wonder their stand had one of the longest lines in the entire festival! Fortunately, there was enough dough for everybody.

If you missed your chance at Taste of Italy, or crave another slice of authentic, Neapolitan-style pizza, watch pizza chef Kyle Munroe prepare a perfect margherita at Settebello Marina del Rey.

A cannoli display at Taste of Italy Los Angeles 2015

Mischa Rajendiran / Foodiamo

And finally, to wash it all down, wineries from all over California traveled to LA, and importers of premium Italian wines gladly filled up everyone’s glasses.

And because I am so obsessed with food, I almost forgot to mention the live music and cooking demonstrations, which were also part of the event.

Good job, Taste of Italy Los Angeles! See you at the 2016 edition.