Try Roman-style pizza at Nancy Silverton's new restaurant in Highland Park! Here's what you should order at Triple Beam Pizza:

When you move to the other side of the world, you know you’re going to lose some things. People, traditions, food. Pizza al taglio, literally “by the cut,” is one of the things I knew I would miss. It’s extremely common in Italy, but impossible to find abroad.

You will understand my joy when I discovered that Nancy Silverton and Matt Molina opened a pizza al taglio in Highland Park. Triple Beam Pizza is the latest concept from the creators of Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza. They teamed up with Randy Clement to open the first restaurant in what will be a new culinary complex in one of LA’s fastest-growing neighborhoods.

slices of pizza from Triple Beam Pizza

Just two of the pizza options at Triple Beam Pizza

Triple Beam Pizza brings Roman style to LA!

Pizza al Taglio is a Roman style of pizza. It’s baked in large rectangular trays and it’s sold by the ounce. It’s thicker, chewier, with a crust that reminds more of a focaccia than a traditional Neapolitan pizza.

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At Triple Beam Pizza the yeasted dough rises for 12 hours and is then stretched into 3 foot bases. It then gets baked for the first time, brushed with Extra Virgin olive oil from Spoleto, the various ingredients are added and then it goes back into the oven. The finishing touch is a “never before seen” and it consists of blowtorching the top of the pizza to give it a bit of smokiness and crunch.

Triple Beam Pizza chefs at work

The talented chefs bring their creations to life at Triple Beam Pizza

What You Should Order at Triple Beam Pizza:

  • The classic Margherita is the litmus test for good pizza. The Triple Beam Margherita is great and greasy enough to be real pizza al taglio!
  • The Patate Pizza with fontina, potatoes and black truffle cheese, is just as decadent as it sounds! The rosemary helps balancing the creaminess of the cheese and if you thought potatoes didn’t taste good on pizza, this white slice will change your mind.

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Patate pizza at Triple Beam

Go for the “Patate Pizza” at Triple Beam

  • One of my favorites of the day was the Asparagus Pizza.This one is the most delicate of the bunch, a white slice with asparagus, mozzarella, ricotta and piccantissimo, a red pepper flake blend that gives it a vibrant note.
  • My other favorite was the Sausage with Five Lilies Pizzawhich marries sausage with different members of the Allium family: garlic, onion, leeks and chives. At first I thought the ingredients would overwhelm the palate but the pizza base with fontina balances them out perfectly. It’s a great slice of pizza even for those of us who aren’t garlic fanatics!

Triple Beam Pizza is perfect for a lunch, a date, a dinner with friends, a snack in the afternoon. Basically, every time you want to eat pizza. Grab a bottle of wine from the adjacent Highland Park Wines and enjoy as many ounces as your stomach can take!


This review of is based on a complimentary meal. Photos by Cinzia Giorgi for Foodiamo. All rights reserved. 


What: Triple Beam Pizza
Open Tue-Sun, 12-10pm
Where: 5918 N Figueroa St Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: (323) 545-3534