Ever been to Friuli Venezia Giulia? Vino Vino Situation presents Ribolla Gialla Primosic, a wine that will conquer you at first sip

Collio Friulano is a hilly area in the Northern region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, almost at the border with Slovenia. It’s a particularly good zone for white wine production, as already mentioned when we talked about Keber’s Collio Bianco. Keber’s Collio Bianco is a blend of ribolla gialla and other grapes. This time, I’m going to talk about ribolla gialla in single-variety vinification.

Ribolla gialla is an ancient grape variety that generations of expert winemakers managed to protect and develop. It found its greatest expression in Friuli’s mineral soil, which locals call ponca. Where does it come from? It might originate from neighboring Slovenia, where it used to be called rebola. As for the word gialla, that’s easy. It just means “yellow,” due to the color of the grape itself.

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Friuli, Ribolla Gialla's home region

Welcome to Friuli Venezia Giulia, the home region of Ribolla Gialla! (Photo by Lorenzo L M.)

Primosic, longtime protector of Ribolla Gialla

The Primosic family has a long history as producer of high-quality wines in Friuli. Silvan Primosic was the first to lead the company after World War II. Today, the whole family is busy in a constant process of innovation, but always respecting the traditions that they inherited. The vineyards still lie in the village of Oslavia, part of the town of Gorizia, where ribolla gialla has been protected and preserved over the centuries.

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Primosic’s Ribolla Gialla has a characteristic straw-yellow color with golden hues. At the nose, we can identify an aroma of freshly-cut grass, with floral notes of acacia flower and fruity notes of apple. At the tongue, it has a pleasant acidity and minerality, with a dry finish. Its fermentation doesn’t call for added yeasts, as it happens spontaneously.


Enjoy Ribolla Gialla with our suggested pairings

This type of wine is perfect as aperitif drink, but also with a vegetable- or seafood-based main course. A good example would be a risotto with local herbs and vegetables. Or a local specialty that you’ve probably never heard of: frico, a typical dish of Friuli. It’s basically a potato, cheese, and butter pancake. Watch this video and make it at home!


Winemaker: Primosic
Name: Ribolla Gialla IGP Venezia Giulia
Italian region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Type: Still white wine
Price: About $20
Grape variety: Ribolla gialla 100%


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