Vino Vino Situation presents Soave Classico from Veneto. A gentle and balanced wine, as the name suggests...

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”, as poor Juliet Capulet cried in the city of Verona. The wine of the week, Soave Classico, originates from the area surrounding the beautiful city of Verona. Specifically, the production area of Soave Classico consists of the towns of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone, which are located on the hills and are the most suitable for viticulture.

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The production area of Soave Classico wine

The hills surrounding Verona, where Soave Classico is produced (Photo: Flavio Ensik, Flickr)

Soave Classico: When the name says it all

The history of Soave wine is very ancient. In the 20th century, this was Italy’s most exported white wine. It seems like the term Soave comes from the Suebi (in Latin, Suaves), a Germanic tribe that settled in Verona and surrounding areas. The word “soave” in Italian means “gentle”, “delicate”, “sweet”, and evokes a sense of harmony and elegance. In fact, you can find these characteristics in Soave wine!

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There’s no better introduction to this wine than Inama’s Soave Classico. As a winery committed to maintaining the quality of Soave and its territory, Inama adopts environment-friendly winemaking processes. Interestingly, they still use the ancient pergola system, which dates back to the Roman era. This growing technique makes it possible to achieve certain characteristic aromas and flavors.

Inama’s Soave Classico is made from 100% Garganega grapes. The other variety of Soave, Trebbiano di Soave, which critics consider rather dull, is not used. Garganega is a delicate wine variety that takes time to reach its ripening point.

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This Soave Classico has a tender yellow shade and a delicate bouquet of white flowers, such as elderflower. At the tongue, it shows a great balance between acidity and savor, along with a complex body, especially if we consider that it has an alcoholic content of 12%. While I am at it, let me debunk a common misconception. A less alcoholic wine doesn’t necessarily have to be less interesting. On the contrary, the challenge should be that of achieving good wines with a reduced alcoholic content.

Soave Classico is generally considered easy to pair with food. It goes well with white fish and vegetable-based dishes, very popular in Verona and the rest of the Veneto region. Some options would be baccalà (dried and salted codfish), red mullet, or shellfish (see here for some ideas). If you feel more adventurous, WineEnthusiast even recommends it for spicy foods, such as in the Indian and Thai cuisines.

Enjoy your wine!


Wine makerInama
Name: Soave Classico DOC
Region: Veneto
Type: Still White Wine
Grapes: Garganega 100%
Price: About $15


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