Italian food and film come together, once again, for the Second World Week of Italian Cuisine

The World Week of Italian Cuisine is back for its second year—and it’s bigger and better than ever. From November 13-19, you can indulge in movies, demos, exhibitions, galas, workshops, conferences and more (list of events here), all organized by the Consulate General of Italy led by Antonio Verde to promote Italian territories and DOP products.

What does DOP stand for? Denominazione di Origine Protetta, literally “Protected Designation of Origin”. It means that products are grown and packaged within a certain area, using certified methods and complying with specific standards. Every time you see the DOP label on Italian products such as balsamic vinegar, you can shop with confidence.

The Second World Week of Italian Cuisine would be impossible without the joint effort of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with the Ministry for Agricultural Policies, Food, and Forestry. Also let’s acknowledge the work done by Italian Cultural Institute, ICE Trade Agency, ENIT Tourism Agency, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, and the Los Angeles chapter of the Italian Academy of Cuisine.

Italian chefs in LA for the Second World Week of Italian Cuisine

Chef Leandro Luppi will be working alongside the Drago brothers for the Second World Week of Italian Cuisine

Good food for a good cause

Good food (and wine) is important, anyone can tell you that, but knowing where your food comes from and what practices are lent to its creation is essential. The World Week of Italian Cuisine and the Italian Academy of Cuisine’s aim is to spotlight that the supreme quality of the Italian cuisine cuts no corners in terms of sustainability, security, and biodiversity.

Showcased throughout this event are the best ingredients from the areas affected by the 2016 earthquakes. The goal is not only to support these local economies and create a sense of solidarity, but to remind the world that Italy’s culture will persist throughout the ages no matter what events may befall it.

Through this campaign, the Consulate General of Italy and its partners will also support the nomination of the Prosecco Hills of Valdobbiadene and the Art of the Pizzaioli Napoletani (Neapolitan pizza chefs) for UNESCO cultural heritage list. Famed pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia, from the award-winning Neapolitan Pizzeria “La Notizia”, will fly in from Naples for the occasion.

Italian pizzaiolo at the Second World Week of Italian Cuisine

Enzo Coccia from Naples will visit Los Angeles for the Second World Week of Italian Cuisine

Catch dinner with a movie with Cinema Italian Style

Food is only part of the attraction of the World Week of Italian Cuisine, film being another part of Italy’s international identity. Thus, the Week is organized in conjunction with the 13th edition of Cinema Italian Style, the premier event celebrating Italian film production, organized by Luce-Cinecittà). Jonas Carpignano’s A Ciambra (Italy’s hope for 2018’s Academy Awards) will be at the forefront of the Cinema Italian Style program. Movies will be screened once again at the Egypian and at the Aero in Santa Monica.

The marriage of fine dining and fine film can be found in the special menus available from “Q” and “AIC” Italian restaurants (see below), as well as the dishes prepared Chef Leandro Luppi, who will be lending his talents for the Cinema Italian Style Gala Dinner.

He, along with legendary chefs Fratelli Drago (Tanino, Celestino, Calogero and Giacomino), will also be attending an exclusive reception by the Consul General at his home, which will boast national DOP products, once again to contrast the “Italian-Sounding food” falsified and plagiaristic phenomenon.

Consulate of Italy organized the Second World Week of Italian Cuisine

Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, Antonio Verde

Second World Week of Italian Cuisine: Participating restaurants

After attending an event or screening (here’s the full list), make sure to visit one of the participating Italian restaurants around town. Between November 13 and 19, these restaurants will offer special menus and recipes:



  • Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant


  • Osteria D’Assisi


    • Trattoria D’Amico


Photos courtesy of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles. All rights reserved.